Wrong*Wrong=Right !

” We think of borders as a place only, instead of an idea. I think the real borders are the ones that exist within us ”


“Where the hell is my lab coat huh ? I can’t find it !” I screamed, in the frenzy of the race against time.

“I don’t know. I remember keeping it inside your bereau. I can’t find it now.” my mom answered, throwing out a few clothes while desperately hoping that I wouldn’t start shouting again.

“What the…? to hell, with you. I’ll be standing outside the class today. Be happy !!!”


“Now, tell me, where the hell my shoe is or I promise you… I’ll break your nose…”he screamed.

“I really don’t know da… I didn’t take it.. It was that senior who hid it somewhere. How am I supposed to know ?” I reasoned.

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“This is going too far. I saw you take it… Now, give it back to me or else…” he proceeded to remove my spectacles and curl his fist into a threatening ball…


“Who was the one who scribbled in my logbook ? How dare you do it… Shall I report it to the HOD, right now ?” the teacher threatened.

“It was me, ma’am. You only told me to change my marks in the register. That’s why…” I started to say.

“What the…? I just told you to wait till I change the marks in the register. Who do you think you are huh ?” she screamed.

“Sorry, ma’am, I just misunderstood.” I say, knowing fully well that she’d never accept her folly.

She glared.


“Were you made to stand outside ? I searched throughouly. But I couldn’t find your coat” mom said.

“No… I found my labcoat at college.. I’m sorry…”

Both of us didn’t speak for the next few minutes. I was left to my thoughts. My pin-prick anger that cost me this minute’s silence. That anger which cost me this wall of insecurity. That anger which has cost me something that I would never be able to afford again.


“Hey, i’m sorry da… I just did it simply so that the others would give my shoes back. Please don’t mistake me.”

“It’s ok da…” I mutter, even as i put on my headphones and switch on my mobile.

“Are you ok ? Tell me da. I’m sorry ok?” he said.

I just turn away, pretending to not hear, humming a few words of the song of silence that was being played on my headphone.


There had to be a sorry from atleast her side or mine. But, I wasn’t prepared to ask. I did no wrong, after all. I thought that it was her duty to do it. She didn’t ask too. Maybe she thought of the same thing.


” We think of borders as a place only, instead of an idea. I think the real borders are the ones that exist within us “


Sometimes, our ego gets in the way of relations. It’s so much easier then to forgive and atleast admit that you’re wrong. You may be right, no doubt. But you’ll end up on the wrong side of someone and that’s certainly not the right thing.



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