Life seems so much better….

I warned you that this might happen. I wished that the threat would remain a threat and nothing more but, again I lose. I succumbed to laziness yet again. I’m not able to thrash the disease. I don’t know why but sometimes you feel better when your life ambles out slowly, patiently that you love being able to just spend your time admiring the world and taking a rest. You don’t seem to have the urge to work, to get going and do something worthwhile. Well, that was what happened to me, again. That should explain my absence from the blogging radar for the past few days. People, please bear with me.

Anyway, this one week was living heaven. I mean, we had so much work to do at college and all but I liked the fact that I was working again and the fact that I was back with my gang of dear friends made it seem all the more better. My laziness seemed to restrict itself to blogging alone, I presumed, as there were no signs of it disturbing my homework and study pattern. Good thing. This college seems to get better as the days progress. Whether it is my imagination at play again or whether it really is getting better is anyone’s guess. But the food seems to be getting better, the teachers seem to be teaching better, the surroundings seem to be getting better, the buses and the transportation seem to be getting better and my friends seem to be getting better. Wow. But as akshay says, it’s more about your state of mind than the state of the surroundings. So maybe, it all comes down to the fact that I seem to be getting happier.


What do you think?

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