Dhanalakshmi college and what it offers…

June 20th, 2008.

Dear diary,

Wow, I’m so happy right now that I feel like a one-year old who’s been denied dolls to play with. The reason? Well, college re-opens on the 25th, just a week away… Isn’t that reason enough? To say that I’m looking forward to it would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, it would be an overstatement. It’s back to that strenuous routine, back to the boring old books and back to the uninspiring old teachers. Come on, though I mention the 5 am to 6 pm routine many times, it still doesn’t bring forth the pain associated with it. And no, no one can understand the pain-in-the-butt sensation I undergo even thinking of it. You see, I absolutely detest going to college, not because I’m lazy, but I’ve never been put through living hell thirteen hours a day, five times a week. My college, though among the best in terms of infrastructure and faculty, fails miserably when it comes to organizational capabilities. You see, there is not even a proper college day, a proper cricket field or even a college magazine to boast of. All those guys with a little bit of talent in certain fields, feel frustrated and resort to cursing and blogging. I don’t blame them. Come on, after all we have no outlet for our innate talent. At least, this serves as an outlet for inner anger.

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Unless I’m doing what I love, I despise to put in my sweat and that was the case in the recent first year exams. Give me space, please. I’ve been studying so hard for these twelve years, I deserve a break. And, you can’t always put up with absurd equations and irritating circuits over and over. Something’s got to give, somewhere down the line. And, life’s not all about marks. Marks are important yes, but they can’t buy you talent. And to think, the old fashioned professors at this college eat marks for breakfast, makes you puke. And when someone like me, proposes to help these monsters turn human, you could almost smell defeat for the valiant in the lost cause. It’s one thing, when the teachers accept your idea of starting a college magazine and at least assign you a post in the editorial board. It’s another thing, when the teachers, rub you the wrong way, pass the idea as their own, get a newsletter started instead of a magazine and not even consider you for the board, citing behavior as a reason for your ouster. Get real. To think that this college still dreams of being the numero uno college in Tamil Nadu by 2010 makes for a better joke than Vijay’s stunts. How do you plan to do it? By ejecting talented youngsters out? And you see, the newsletter still hasn’t made it to my hands let alone the stands.

I can go on and on like a moron, but that’s the thing about this college. You never get enough time to curse it. Sometimes I do have the urge to join an arts college with timings very much to my liking, but then God still decides to bind me to this crap for three more years. Just three more years! they say. Fish, that means 1095 days. And 1095 x 24 =? is a dangerous and frightening calculation. ‘I understand’ is the only shit I get as a compliment. Fish, I work eight hours more than you do, everyday! And do understand, engineering is not as simple if one had done his 12th in CBSE. I also have a brain which yearns to fly in bliss doing what I love most and not cramp itself in useless mounds of shit. I dare everyone who thinks of engineering as a stroll in the park to actually take a stroll in the park instead of beating the bush. Be me for a year. You’ll detest the role change. Just ask all those engineers out there. Someone said to me a little while before “Throw a stone anywhere in Chennai, it’ll hit either a beggar or an engineer “. Well, I say “Throw a stone anywhere in Chennai, it’ll hit an enjoying life-r or an engineer “


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