Part-II The dream continues….

June 5th, 2008.


Dear diary,

So, here we are after the half-time interval… For all those who found the film interesting in the first half, expect more of the same. And for all those who didn’t ? Well, if you could manage to get through a three hour Vijay film, surely, this will be bread and butter for you guys.

The hero was accompanied by Ms. Kanimozhi, Ms. Tamilacchi, Mr. Subramanium, Mr. Arcot Veerasamy (no… not T.R…), Mr. Veeramani and others, but we’re talking of heroes and not bits and pieces players.

I would not like to go into the details of the function and how each of the poets performed, but if I say my mom was the best on the day, you’d probably say that I’m blowing my own trumpet, so I’m not going to. Those present at the function can justify, anyway. And, maybe, I’m not that big a poet or a tamil literature maniac to judge people on the basis of their poems but even a lay man can judge a poet on the basis of the number of claps that you get. That might also not be fool-proof as some over-enthusiastic supporters, might want to show their love for Kalaignar by clapping for every mono-sylabble that is uttered. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Whichever way you look at it, my mom won hands-down. And anyway, this isn’t a competition or a race where winner takes all. So, as long as one enjoys the function, the better it is for the poets themselves. Though, for my mom’s wit in writing a ‘daughter-to-father’ letter to Kalaignar himself, I would still rate my mom’s performance as one of the best, come what may. Kanimozhi was in awe, (as was everyone else) when she said ” Unnai paadatha Kavignar illai, paadathavan Kavignar-e illai ” and in splits when she said ” Atleast give me an MP seat… ” but again as I said we are talking about heroes here.

After the function ended, Mr. Karunanidhi went upto my mom and said ” nalla paningamma. Santhippom… ”

That was not all. A crowd of people (!) flocked around my mom and pestered her for autographs and amidst the melee, I nicked an autograph from her by posing as a commoner. There was just too many people around her for her to notice. It was a solid thirty minutes before she could escape and get into our car. Throughout the journey home, we dissected and discussed the function over and over.

As soon as we reached home, I asked my mom for dosas and she gladly obliged, her role as a poet now forgotten. When I woke up this morning at seven, I saw my mom at her table writing for the function. I went into the kitchen hoping to alteast have two slices of bread for breakfast, but she had prepared dosas for breakfast and sambhar, rasam, pulikozhambu, vaazhai kaai poriyal, kootu and thayir for lunch. Wonders never cease…

My mom is also the official chauffuer of the family as my dad doesn’t drive, and she also handles all the finance of the family. She also hits the gym, goes to office till 6.00 pm, prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner and also coffee or tea ten times a day at various timelines according to the whims of the family members. Apart from this, she attends various functions like this one and writes short stories, poems for magazines and lyrics for films. I’m not proclaiming my mom as the best in the world, all moms are, but I’m just saying to a certain Shobaa De in no uncertain terms that you don’t need to shun family in the pretext of writing.

When we have moms, we take it for granted that they need to serve us for life before we dump them at an old age home. My mom and I fight to no ends, every day in fact, but it’s all part and parcel of life. It’s almost become a ritual and we enjoy performing it. Maatha, Pitha, Guru, Theivam (Mom, Dad, Teacher, God…) can never be more relevant.


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