Yesterday Today Tomorrow….

June 2nd, 2008.

Oh no… My old habit loves me so much. I’m getting a bit tired… you see, I’ve been trying really hard not to put off things for the next day, but it seems that I’m destined to do so time and time again. So, here am I, again, writing about yesterday, today !

Things have started to really look up for us these recent weeks. We’ve been so happy these past few days that we all managed to actually laugh off a Chennai Super Kings defeat. Imagine that ! Ok…ok… On a more serious note, I’ve been able to laugh off a chapatti that spent too much time painting itself black. Well, you get the situation, don’t you ? We’ve been so happy this weekend that it may send wrong signals to our neighours who might think we’ve won a million dollar lottery. We’ve won nothing of that sort, let me assure you. But, we’ve achieved quite a bit.

My mom, as some of you know, is an accomplished writer in Tamil literature. And she’s female. That’s quite an achievement in itself. I mean, being female is not an acheivement (!), but being a female writer in tamil is… Ok, so here’s the situation. She has been asked to share stage space with the likes of Mr. Vairamuthu, Mr. Abdur Rehman, Mr. Mehta, Mr. Selvaganapathi and Mr. Karunanidhi apart from accomplished film personalities like Mr. Bhakyaraj, Mr. Deva, Manorama, Khusboo, Chinni Jayanth, Manivannan etc., But the fact is that she would read out poems and verses in praise of the greatest Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The occasion: Thiru M. Karunanidhi’s 85th birthday celebration. This is not the first time that she’s doing it. She’s already done it with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam when he was president. But of course, this would be the first time Mr. Karunanidhi celebrates his 85th birthday. (Bad pun, right…?) But, what’s there to celebrate about for me ? It’s just another boring itenary that I would do well to skip. But I’m not sure my mom would take it too kindly if I give her the slip ( I had already done so with Mr. APJ !!). I’m quite sure it’ll be an eventful evening in two days time. I’ll be out there amongst the crowd somewhere, savouring the moment and enjoying the function (Yawn…!!!).

Meanwhile, I watched “300” and I was impressed. But it wasn’t that great a movie. I mean, it was full of passion and valour, but then I expected them to make it more heart-breaking. The 300 spartans die in heaps and that took the sheen of the film itself. Had they fallen one-by-one then the film would have been appreciated better.

Anyway, I’m going to watch “Ocean’s eleven” now… So, it seems like it’s curtains for yesterday’s activities. I’ll write about today, tomorrow !! Advanced happy reading….


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