Asin’s knee is injured… my foot !!!

June 1st,2008.

So finally, I’ve stepped back into the present. It was necessary for me to actually start from the near past to ensure a continuity of thoughts. So, now ” I’m back… ” billa-style !!!

You see I’m getting a bit bored writing about nothing in particular. Now, I know how tough it is for all the news channels and all those newspapers especially Deccan Chronicle to constantly churn out yarns in an attempt to tempt the public. My mom calls them “grinders”… Really appropriate. You see, I’m really impressed by your lot. But, i’m feeling sorry for you too. I feel that you people have a future as scriptwriters in movies. You do make up such amazing stories. On the unbelievabilty ratings, it’ll give Vijay’s stunts in Kuruvi tough competition. So, seeing your talent wasted for a meagre pay every month, my heart sheds a tear or two for you guys !!!(was that good ? Can i now become a scriptwriter too ?!!!) Here’s news for your lot… I recently saw Asin with a wound on her knee. That surely must be a love bite, what do you guys say ?

I’ve been listening to Kenny G for a while now and I can’t get over my feelings of utmost amazement at his magical touch with the saxophone. It’s divine and a must hear. Almost all of my time is devoured by this sudden infactuation of mine.

I’ve been ordering some of my good friends to take a look at my blog. Whether or not they followed my order is another matter but I can assure you that they opened blogs of their own. Talk about returning favors ! I’ve got tough competition to ward off now… I’m happy for them. It’ll keep them engaged (not in the other sense…) and will help them explore themselves a little more. However, here is a warning for you guys… Just because I told you that Asin’s knee is injured, don’t open a topic on your blog sympathizing for her… The world doesn’t need any more scriptwriters… We have enough. Whew…!


What do you think?

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