The Super Kings, my sister and my drenched back…

May 31st,2008.

I was watching the Chennai Super Kings in action against the Kings XI Punjab and I must admit that I’m a little surprised at the world-class bowling effort of CSK. All credit to Dhoni and company. Looking forward to them meeting Rajasthan Royals in the finals. Anyway, today was quite an uneventful day for me. One of those queer old days where you have nothing to do except read a book or browse the net. I did neither. Instead I spent my morning watching “Fanaa”. It was absolutely mind-blowing. I never knew that Kajol could act this well. ( To tell you the truth, I haven’t watched any of her movies before…) Aamir Khan was as usual brilliant. Hats off to the director who has managed such a complex theme with pure grace. It’s one of the best love stories i’ve watched in recent times.

Anyway, my day wasn’t complete yet. My sister held me by the collar and demanded an explanation for conviently forgettting her when I mentioned my mom taking the pains in getting me a vis-com application. I must admit that she was by my side all the while and she had infact accompanied my mom when she was out buying the application for me. Two to tango, after all. So, I apologise for my mistake, ok ? But this made me very happy. For one, I now know ATLEAST someone is reading my blog. A good beginning…

So, then later in the afternoon it began raining and I spent the rest of the day by the window looking out at the rain falling so gracefully, making such sweet sounds as it hit the ground. I had a hot cup of tea by the window too and as I sipped it with mini-slurps, I realised this is as close to heaven as one could possibly get to. You see nature is like a year-long movie. It plays dual characters, that of the hero and the villian. Both the roles are intensely hypnotic. Much like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Both did great things.

Anyway, even as I was watching and admiring nature for the way it projects itself in various manifestations, I felt so sleepy that I dozed off with my back to the window. Talk about being tired. Anyway, it seems that I did really doze off with my back to the window bacause (a) my mom testifies, and (b) my drenched back(!) more than confirms it…

Catch you later…!!!


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