Things look up for me… Maybe bcoz i’m taller ?!!

May 28th,2008.

Well, you see I never have any expectation from this blog. All I wanted was to have a good time writing and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m happy as long as I get to see my writing in print. But the pleasure that you derive from customizing your blog, trying out various permutations and combinations…wow… pure heaven. Kudos to Blogger ! Keep up the good work.

This blog is just my version of an online diary, so I wouldn’t care so much if nobody visits my blog at all. After all, diaries are absolutely personal, right ?

Anyway, I had loads of fun writing the entrance exam at DG. There were loads of questions testing your G.K. But, the most interesting part was when we had to write a script for a 30 sec ad film on any relevant social issue. I did a great job at that. I took up the issue of the harassment of eunuchs in the country. I have to thank my mom again for that. Coz, she, being a writer, gave me valuable ‘ indirect ‘ inputs through her new book on them. The good thing about that book is I’m designing the cover. Wow… That’s cool, isn’t it ? Anyway I got selected and hence they’ve called me for an interview tomorrow. Looking forward to it, man. Catch you later. Take care.


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