That obnoxious little weed

I went to an amusement park the other day,
And man, there was this big rollercoaster there,
Very tall and handsome it was,
I was very excited to ride it.
People started to flock around it,
Everyone wanted a turn,
And then suddenly from somewhere,
A man asked us to take up seats.
There was this one guy bout my age,
Who sat beside me.
I didn’t like him at all.
He seemed scared.
There was a kind of a hooter,
And then, off we went.
Wow…was it fun!!
We started slowly at first,
But then gradually we began to pick up speed,
All trees around me became a blur,
And my mom did a flip upside-down.
I was at the pinnacle of emotions,
On the verge of screamin’ with joy,
When suddenly this guy let out a cry.
Startled, the gate keeper looked up,
And this fellow began yelling
“stop.. stop.. I wanna get out.. I wanna get out..”
And that stupid gatekeeper,
Must have been this guy’s brother,
Stopped the machine,
And slowly and painfully it ground to a halt.
This fellow stepped out and walked away,
And some others followed suit.
I felt like giving this guy one,
What’s the use of a rollercoaster
If you can’t enjoy the ride ?
On top of it all,
Why give others the trouble
By getting out in the middle ?
I totally lost interest in the proceedings,
And as the rollercoaster began to run again,
I felt the journey held no worth.
What then happens to this guy ?
That obnoxious little weed?
Surely he missed the bus
And along with it, the pleasures.


What do you think?

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