That mangy dog !!!

I had this good friend of mine,
We shared great times together.
But then, this guy went nuts
And became a sanyasi.

He said to attain god,
One needs to renounce,
Worldly pleasures, fame,
Wealth, health and family,
Well, frankly, I don’t believe it.

Turnaround, my friend,
See the truth before you,
God never demands renouncement,
God just needs you to realize yourself,
Live a life pursuing truth and happiness
And you will attain Him.

After all, renouncing is just escapism,
Running away from your wife,
Refusing to raise your child,
Refusing to even cry for your father,
When he dies.

My dear,
I always wondered why women aren’t sanyasis,
But then they would never leave their families,
And hopelessly pursue god,
I always thought they were the first gods.

There are gods all around us,
O my dear friend,
Open your eyes,
Turnaround and,
See the truth before you,
Live a life serving others
And you’ll see god.


What do you think?

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