My dear

My dear,
I feel afraid and frightened,
I cannot even let go of your hands,
Even when you sleep,
For I’m afraid,
That you’ll leave me forever.
My dear,
Please forgive this old man for his sins,
Please don’t let go, baby,
I have made grave mistakes,
But please, I beg of you,
Give me a second chance.
I feel ashamed to revisit my errors
And remind you that I’ve wronged,
But please, oh my dear son,
I can’t bear life without you.
I’m so sorry…
I can’t stop crying…
But… son… pleases… no…
If you leave me,
You’ll never see me again.
Please, let me be with you.
By your side.
Let me crouch in that corner
And admire you,
While I repent for my sins.
But please son…
Please don’t let go…
And I’ll die in your arms…
A happy death…


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