Mom- Man Of the Match

There are times when things never go your way,
And that’s where my mom comes in.
Gives me joy, gives me pleasure,
Gives me hope, gives me love,
It’s tough bein a mom,
And that’s why I say,
I love you, mom.
Love you loads.
Well mom, I know it’s not easy for you,
I wasn’t born with a manual,
Nor were you born with a golden arm,
You’ve got no prior experience in givin birth,
You learn through the course of time and I do too.
I admire you mom,
You’re a successful Pro Ex,
Writer, lyricist, orator, poet, on-screen personality,
Anchor, thinker, visionary…
Above all, you’re a successful mom,If they call anyone multi faceted, it should be you.
Teach me mom,
On how to drop the burden of office when you reach home,
On how to smile that priceless smile even when you’re tired,
On how to kiss the way you always do that makes me smile and blush,
On how to care, live, love and die for someone.
I don’t have to look elsewhere to find a role model,
Apj doesn’t inspire me, mom,
You do,
You always will.
Mom, I’ll do anything for you to see you smile,
To see you laugh,
To see you grin,
To see you by my side,
To see you as my mom, always.
I never wanna leave you alone, mom
Please mom, take me with me, wherever you go,
Be it pizza corner, fashion look, beauty parlor,
Music world, restaurant, or even heaven.
I love you mom,
I always will.


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