I’m a terrorist for God’s sake

Well they call me a terrorist,
And frankly I don’t know why.
Maybe coz I love shooting,
Maybe coz I love killing,
But are you not as much a terrorist as I am?
You want me to die,
You want me to get killed,
You say I’m a disgrace to the society,
You say I’m bad, killer, terrorist,
But who is?
Your son is already in my ranks,
You can’t take care of your own child,
And you want to take care of the world.
I might kill some people for the fun of it,
But you go about hating people,
Mistrusting them, shitting them,
Killing their joy, killing their dream,
Killing their future, killing their lives,
And you say I’m a killer?
You marry four times, divorce thrice,
You force your ideas onto your son,
You want everyone from the government to your cat,
To abide by your rules,
Who’s terrorizing?
You or I?
You might not like me one single bit,
Well, frankly speakin I don’t like you too.
You say I’m rippin people apart,
Rippin peace, rippin harmony,
But, how dare you steal what rightfully is mine?
Rippin me of my pride, rippin me of my honor,
Who’s rippin whom?
You might pay to see me die,
That ain’t wrong is it?
Well, I pay to see you cry.
And that is wrong, ain’t it?
Who’s terrorizing?
You or I?


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