God and me- Never been good friends…

I witnessed a rat on the verge of death,
Twisting, twitching and turning it was,
I couldn’t bear to see it cry,
I couldn’t believe when suddenly it died.
I sprinkled water on its face to make it wake up,
But it didn’t.
It just lay there eagle-eyed.
As things dawned on me,
I couldn’t control myself.
I was crying and crying hard,
Oh God! Why is there such a thing as death in this world?
I ask you, god,
Have you ever lived in a family?
Or have you ever known what it is to be loved?
Well then, if you have,
How come you take away our dear ones form amongst us?
They say there’s a life after death,
And that it’s just another journey,
But god why don’t you let us all
Enjoy it together, as a family again?
Why do people age?
Why do animals, plants and trees age?
God, how unfair can it get?
You idiot, do we ever portray you as an old man?
Do we portray rama or jesus as old?
We let you be,
Don’t we?
But then,
Don’t you ever think
Of returning the favor?


What do you think?

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